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Established in 1990, Fiona Shipley Transcription has earned an enviable reputation for providing a fast, accurate and confidential service.

We provide transcriptions from sound recordings for FTSE 100 companies, professional organisations and public bodies. Our expertise extends across a wide range of sectors, including energy, finance, health and medicine and legal services. We have achieved our standing by constantly evolving to meet the individual requirements of our clients in a diverse world and the demands of ever-changing technology.

Our team of highly experienced transcribers are skilled in handling recordings in different formats, taken from meetings of all sizes and structures, and understanding your business’s or sector’s special terminology. And our editors ensure the finished product is accurate and its meaning clear, the final copy is a precise record of your meeting, interview or conference.

Our clients rely on our discretion and our understanding of their business environment. Many of the transcripts we produce are specific to that particular company, institute or individual - in content, style and language. Which is why our transcripts are tailor-made and why we place a high value on client confidentiality. We work closely with each client but discreetly, bringing a mix of up-to-the minute technical know-how and well-established customer service to deliver each transcription quickly and efficiently.

The quality of our transcripts, our range of service and steadfast commitment to our clients’ interests are all reasons why FSTL continues to develop 25 years on.